Images that inspire my floral pastels:

Images that inspire my Ybor City Series of pastels w/ mixed media:


My booth at Gulfport Art and Gallery Walk

VI Retirement Community, Highlands Ranch, CO. A friend suggested I read from THESE DAYS there. I expanded the idea to include burlesque history and memorabilia for an audience of those who remembered when…

New Mercury Reading Series, The Wind-up Space, January 2015

“Burlesque, The Block and Baltimore” at Germano’s Cabaret with the always awesome Rafael Alvarez, January 2015



Live on the Radio with Earl Crown’s “Crucial Cuts,” WLOY Loyola University Radio

Lit and Art at the Watermark Gallery,  January 2015

“Dressing up and Baring All: A Workshop for Fiction Writers”: Big Blue Marble Bookstore, Philadelphia, January 2015; Standley Lake Library, Denver, November 2015.


“Burlesque Performer and Prize-Winning Author, Margo Christie presents a workshop on dressing up your fictional characters to make them larger than life and stripping them down to keep them real. Through her experience on the burlesque stage and examples from her own and other novels, she will demonstrate “adding the sequins” to otherwise everyday characters and “baring it all” to keep readers emotionally-hooked. Bring a sample of your writing and be prepared to ‘dress it up.’”

Burlesque As It Was, Syntax Physic Opera, Denver. Nov 2014


Honey Heartbreaker’s “Radio Voodoo”at the Voodoo Comedy Lounge, Denver, Aug 2014

High Roller Showcase, Casper Wyoming, July 2014

Book Bar, Denver

Mutiny Information Cafe, Denver

The Ivy Bookshop, Baltimore, May 2014


Selling books at burlesque shows - I'm getting good at this!
Voodoo Comedy Lounge. Selling books at burlesque shows
Town Square Reading Series, Minas Gallery, February 2014. Minas Konsolas’ amazing paintings in the background
I felt highly honored to perform with Angie Pontani, one of the queen’s of today’s burlesque

My first Baltimore reading, organized by hometown ambassador, Rafael Alvarez, October 2013

My first Denver Burlesque show, Immundo Burlesque at The Bar. I’m in the back, sandwiched between a Divine impersonator and the mother of Denver burlesque, Vivienne VaVoom.

Places and people that inspired scenes in These Days…