Margo the Writer

Writer, Performance Artist, Champion of the Underdog, I write literary fiction that focuses on creative but fallen characters and their triumphs. A refugee from a broken home in which nostalgia played a major role, I grew up in Baltimore, a place described by author Laura Lippman as a city where “the true local malady is nostalgia.”

“Balto-rama 2” at the Ivy Bookshop

As a teenager, I found myself in a very nostalgic place when I landed on Baltimore’s “World-Famous Block.” To fans of burlesque, the Block is the former stomping ground of the great Blaze Starr. From the 1950s through 70s, she owned and performed in her famed 2 o’Clock Club.

The Block in the early 60s

For me, the Block was a place where because of Miss Starr’s influence, burlesque refused to die. Many of her contemporaries remained on the Block throughout the 1980s, making a living in the only way they knew. They loved to talk about the days when the Block was a tour stop for the legends of burlesque. A nostalgic teen who loved old movies and big band swing, I soaked up their tales like a sponge! As a writer, I became inspired to translate those tales into my debut novel, “These Days.”

A native of Baltimore and long-term resident Denver, I now reside with my husband in a Florida Gulf Coast artists’ colony.  I make glass mosaic and pastel art while also working on a second novel.