“Margo embraced the fans and feathered boas of burlesque’s golden past and in so doing, became a link from those glory days to the modern movement called Neo-Burlesque” – Baltimore Post Examiner

Maryland Morning with Tom Hall, WYPR, Baltimore Public Radio:

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With Larry Matthews of the Maryland Writers’ Association:

Readers Say …

“These Days contains enough champagne, Frank Sinatra, feathered boas, and colorful characters to rival any film noire…. Becky Shelling is both a character out of time and a timeless character.” – Jill Yesko, filmmaker and author of “Murder in the Dog Park”

“This personal tale is at once intriguing and touching. Any creative young person struggling for self-expression will be able to identify with this beautifully written story.” – Charles Kelly, Arizona Republic reporter and Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award finalist for “Grace Humiston and the Vanishing”
“From a dancer’s point of view, [Margo’s descriptions of the business] are so right on!” Angie Pontani, Burlesque Queen and Producer; Miss Exotic World 2008
This award-winning book is thoroughly addictive. The dialogue is a delight, catching the nuances of the varied cast of characters.” B. Morrison, author of ForeWord Book of the Year finalist “Innocent.”

“Paints a vivid picture of the decline of a beloved place with all the requisite nostalgia.” – Jake, on Goodreads

“These Days was a captivating read. It dripped with recognizable characteristics of people I knew from “those days.” Margo Christie has captured the essence of the ‘Block’ without giving too much away.” – Debra, on Amazon

“A delightful trip to my past. Great read. Looking forward to her next book.” – David, on Goodreads

“A very compelling story full of vibrant characters and richly descriptive localities, the book practically begs for a sequel.” – Benjamin, on Amazon