These Days, A Tale of Nostalgia on a Burlesque Strip


Fueled by a passion for 1940s movies and her jazz musician father’s tales of a time when “every hole-in-the wall bar had a band,” 15-year old Becky Shelling dreams of a career in show biz. When her beloved dad mysteriously disappears, Becky finds solace in Carolyn Kibble, upstairs neighbor and barmaid at her dad’s former haunt. But it’s the attention of smooth-talking businessman Lenny Moss that she really craves.

Taking Becky to work for him on Baltimore’s “World-Famous Block,” Lenny inadvertently leads her down a path of self-discovery on a seedy former burlesque strip where the good people romanticize the good old days, the bad people want more from Becky than she can give, and it’s sometimes hard to tell who’s who.

Available at Amazon and the following local bookstores:
BookBar, Denver CO
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The Annapolis Bookstore, Annapolis MD
Ukazoo Books, Towson MD
Wordier Than Thou, St. Petersburg FL